Jason Hunt
Film-maker based in Christchurch, New Zealand
With a vast catalogue of weddings, music videos, TV commercials and documentaries under my belt, I definitely feel most at home behind the camera and editing desk.
Away from that, I love to spend time with my beautiful fiancé and our puppy, and putting some work in at the gym.
Being engaged, I understand the desire for that perfect wedding... until the prices start adding up!
My eye for detail and (somewhat over the top) perfectionist tendencies will never faulter, but I like to keep my prices fair and my product first-class.
I operate as a 'fly on the wall', which means I won't be half a step behind you as you walk down the aisle and I won't invade your intimate bubble while those important words are said (unless you would rather I did ).
Instead, I will capture those special, tear-jerking moments and create a piece of film that you can watch and share for years to come.

Christchurch, New Zealand