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Thanks for coming to check out my website, and my blog!

I rattled my brain thinking of what to base my first blog post on, and decided to talk about what I think is the single most important thing when searching for the right wedding videographer.


I personally think it is vital that you are able to form a connection with your videographer, trust them and ultimately have it feel like they are just another friend celebrating with you on your special day.

Likewise, it is important to me that I have an understanding of who the couple are and what is important to them.

I'm going to put my hand out first to shake your hand and tell you a little more about myself than you may have read on my 'about' page.

Born and bred in Christchurch, I cut my teeth in the film industry working as an assistant on Mitre 10 Dream Home. Low pay, long days, but I absolutely loved the thrill of capturing the exciting moments unfolding in front of me.

Of course, I wasn't the one actually capturing this on camera... I was offering coffee and biscuits to everyone on set, but I tended to favour the camera crew (they weren't complaining).

Next up I went through Broadcasting School receiving a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications majoring in film and television, whilst gaining more experience on other TV shows and commercials.

Fast forward five exciting years and I am now a camera operator and editor with a heap of experience shooting TV commercials, documentaries, music videos and corporate videos, from little old Christchurch right through USA, Asia and Europe!

So where do weddings come into this?

I filmed my first wedding in Christchurch a few years ago, utilising all of the same technical and story-telling skills I had previously acquired, and loved it. Absolutely loved it.

The connection, the beauty, the laughter. All of this showed through the lens so naturally and I found that what I was producing was exactly what I got into this game for.

Creating cinematic wedding films allows me to be a bit of a geek with my camera gear, shoot beautiful pictures in a wide range of places and most of all, share my product with my client and hear their heart-warming feedback.

That brings me to where I am now.

I love the process from meeting the bride and/or groom, discussing how they would like the video to look, enjoying the day with them whilst having a couple of laughs along the way and ultimately showing them just how beautiful their wedding day was from the perspective of a 'fly on the wall'.

No two weddings are the same and that is what keeps it so exciting.


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