What is a wedding film?

You are getting married and want to have the day captured professionally.

You do your research and find a videographer that you relate with and has the skills to produce a great wedding film.

Huh? A wedding film? What is that!?

To some, the answer may seem simple. To others, it needs a bit of explaining.

Rightly so. There are many different types of wedding film, with a bunch of different styles.

To put it simply, a wedding film is a video/movie/film created from what was captured on the day of your wedding.

These can vary from a simple 60 second highlight film of the ceremony's key parts (first look, vows and speeches), to a 2-3 hour feature film, filmed from sun-rise to beyond sun-set.

Couples have different tastes and may want differing types of wedding films created from their day. Some want the full length feature film, including every minute detail, every word said and every look exchanged, while others just want the important parts.

I personally think that a full day of shooting fits nicely into 7-9 minutes of edited film. From experience, this length is perfect for showing all of the memorable and important parts of the day, while keeping the pace of the film exciting and keeping the viewers engaged from start to end. It also lends itself to edit nicely with three full length songs (chosen by the couple to make the film a touch more personal).

Of course, there are the speeches.

These will usually last longer than nine minutes, and including all of these in the wedding film can seem like a bit of a road block in what should be a nicely paced visual story.

That is why (and again, a personal thought) it is a much better idea to have all of the speeches in a seperate video.

Sometimes an excerpt from the speech of a mother or father of the couple can really help create the sense of romance and be included in the wedding film as a voiceover, but the romance could also be halted by an embarrassing and/or revealing story said by a close friend! Not saying these shouldn't also be included, but that comes down to the videographer understanding who the couple are and what they are wanting from their wedding film.

At the end of the day, it is your wedding and you are paying your hard earned cash to have a wedding film created.

If you want to have the whole ceremony filmed AND a wedding film, talk to your videographer.

If you want footage of your guests sending their best wishes to you, talk to your videographer.

If you want an animated UFO landing in the background of your ceremony, beaming your wedding rings down to you...... maybe talk to someone in Hollywood.

In all honesty, have an honest conversation with your videographer and discuss what is important to you, but also remember to listen to your videographer's recommendations as they have the experience to know what does and doesn't work in the end product.

Still don't totally understand?

Shoot me an email at hello@affinityweddingcinema.co.nz! I am more than happy to talk you through the video process and how your vision can be made possible through the help of an experienced wedding videographer.

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